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VBlock Components - Table

Table 1 - Vblock Components

Category Vblock 0 Vblock 1 Vblock 1U 700MX
Compute • (2) Cisco 6120 Fabric Interconnects • (2) Cisco 6120 or 6140 Fabric Interconnects • (2) Cisco 6120 or 6140 Fabric Interconnects • (2) Cisco 6120 or 6140 Fabric Interconnects
• (2) Cisco UCS 5108 chassis containing B-series blade server modules—local drives for ESXi local boot service and local page memory purposes.

Open Replicator Notes 001

Open Replicator Notes 001


EMC Open Replicator enables remote point-in-time copies to be used for data mobility, remote vaulting, and migration between EMC Symmetrix VMAX (or Symmetrix DMX) and qualified storage arrays with full or incremental copy capabilities. Open Replicator can:

Intro to SRDF - 2 - SRDF Control Operations

Intro to SRDF: SRDF Control Operations

2 - SRDF Control Operations

covers the SRDF control operations that enable you to establish, manage and view components comprising an SRDF configuration.


Most SRDF control operations are performed by the arguments specified in the symrdf command.

Intro to SRDF - 1 - Getting Started

Intro to SRDF

1 - Getting Started

provides a brief introduction to SRDF and the SRDF component of the Solutions Enabler SYMCLI. It also explains which SRDF documents to read, considerations to be aware before invoking any SRDF operation, and a detailed overview of SRDF pair states.

IMS Forum Releases 2011 2nd Quarter Newsletter

The IMS Forum has published the 2nd quarter 2011 Newsletter.
Please visit the IMS/NGN forum at http://imsforum.org

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